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Home life – calm before storm

Life at home was pleasant and happy. The children were in school and they were more than average students. We used to go on occasional trips to various places. Raji was a dutiful wife and mother and ran the house efficiently. Very often we go out in the evenings and also movies together with the children. Father was also with us now completely retired. He was a great help to us in running the household. Since I had cut down on my club activities I could spend more time with the family. During this period an incident worth recording happened. It was my practice to have my lunch early in the morning in order to reach the office by 8 A.M. as the Bank opened at 8.30 A.M. It meant that Raji had to get up very early in the morning in order to prepare food for me and the children who had also to go to the school at about the same. There were occasions I used to skip lunch and carry light tiffin to office when we could not manage the rush. On one particular occasion I had asked Raji the previous day that I must leave for office early as the auditors had arrived for inspection. And as I was ready to leave Raji could not serve me lunch in time. I flew into a rage and walked off in a huff. I managed some eats at a canteen near the office and got to my work. At around noon when I had not even thought of lunch I was informed by our messenger that a lady was waiting for me in the hall down stairs. I was surprised that a lady should come asking for me and wondered who that could be. I thought perhaps she was a customer. I went down to meet her when I was shocked beyond my belief that Raji was waiting. She had not visited the office previously and was also not familiar with the location and bus service to the Bank. She had brought me lunch in a carrier. I felt deeply moved and cursed myself for making a scene at home in the morning. I realized the power of pure undiluted love. There were tears in my eyes. These were some of the last few years when we were destined to be together in the happy company of my children.

However when the promotional tests were announced in 1972 my Manager literally begged me to take the test assuring me that I would not be disturbed from Bangalore even on promotion until I was ready for it and succeeded in persuading me to take the test. As luck (or was it bad luck) would have it I passed the test and was promoted as an Officer. I was thus trapped into accepting a promotion. I went for an induction course in the Staff Training Centre in Trichy for a fortnight. I enjoyed the training as I got an opportunity to interact with many promotees who too had taken the promotion seriously and rather belatedly. I participated in all the programmes earnestly. Besides I was instrumental in conducting a TT and caroms championships for the trainees at the fag end of our stay at the Centre. I won all the events hands down. While at Trichy I had opportunity to visit well known temples in Kumbakonam, Thanjavur and other nearby places. I returned to HAL branch awaiting further posting orders.

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