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Finding their roots in life

Father was now more or less residing permanently with Sharada as probably he found her more congenial to get along with. She was working first with a private detective agency and another establishment handling supplies of industrial materials which she later quit to join a whole sale book selling agency dealing mostly in technical books. They had a posh office on M.G.Road and Sharada soon picked up the nitty and gritty of the work. The owner of the Book shop was an old family friend of ours whose experience in this line of work came from her late husband who was also running a similar enterprise in Madras. After her husband’s demise she worked in another well known book publishing and selling agency and learned the rudiments of the book selling business. Sharada worked with the firm for over five years through the ups and downs. With changing fortunes of the IT business and the fast changing contents of the books published all over the world there was a big loss for the publishers and book sellers and Sharada’s employer also faced difficulties financially with mountains of unsold books piling up and had to eventually close down their establishment. Fortunately Sharada found an alternative employment without too much waiting. She had undergone difficult times in her domestic life with little or no support from her husband and with two growing up sons to look after. The new job called for a lot of physical effort in that she had to work very often in the night shifts but the pay was good. She ran the household well. Comparatively Nimmi had a more comfortable life as a housewife. Her husband was steady in his work life and saw to it that the family did not lag behind in pursuing a comfortable life. She had a house of her own thanks to her husband’s brother who was a doctor working for long in the States and earned enough to own houses in the States besides buying up properties in Bangalore for his mother and brother to live. Sriram’s life, however took altogether a different course. After a stint with Larsen & Toubro in Bombay for nearly eight years he took up an assignment in the States. Earlier he had tried to continue his post graduate studies in the States but was denied a visa at the last moment as they believed he would try to settle down in the States as many other bright young men do which probably was the last thing they want him to do. Abandoning all thoughts of going abroad (which in those days meant the United States only) he stuck on in L&T for a couple of years more. He bought a flat in Bombay in the meanwhile. At this point of time he had an accident in the workplace when a gas cylinder fell on his back and damaged his spinal chord. He was in the hospital for a couple of months and spent a huge sum of money on hospital bills. Although I could not rush to Bombay immediately on hearing the news, I had requested my brother who was a permanent resident of Bombay to take care of my son. Sriram came out of the ordeal almost unscathed but not before giving us all a lot of anxious moments. Later I visited him for a week. I stayed in his new apartment. Father was also there. Sriram received an offer to go to the United States on a different assignment. He resigned from L&T and after a month long training programme in Delhi he left for the States to take up the job. In the meanwhile we found a bride for him in Bangalore and he was married in January 1996. He worked in the States for some time which did not turn out to be a productive one and thereafter shifted to the U.K. He is now the proud father of two adorable kids, a boy and a girl. He sold the flat in Bombay and bought one in Bangalore. His in laws were living there during his absence abroad.

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