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My continued association with the cricket team

Though I had no direct connection now with the cricket team officially I was involved with it in more ways than one. I witnessed all the matches our team played just as I used to before I left the team as Manager but continued to be the scorer. And like always I wrote the match reports for all the local English newspapers after every match and hand delivered them at each of the three local English newspaper offices. I saw to it that the reports were written (by me of course) in a different style for each of the newspapers so that they would not appear as hand outs. The reports appeared prominently in the next morning’s editions of all the local newspapers and were copied by the vernacular Press as well. Because of my efforts the local sports reporters looked forward to my reports the same evening the match was played. My reports needed very few corrections and were always a true account of the match played which they could rely upon. My experience as a writer also helped. I remember the late Mr.Wilson, the then sports editor of the Deccan Herald and a sports columnist who liked my great interest in sports. I used to meet him once in a while in his office in the evenings despite being the busiest hours in a newspaper office as they had to make up the next morning’s edition from the mountain of materials pouring in. He always had some time to spare to chat with me. On match days he would spy me coming to his desk with the cricket score book tucked under my arm to give the day’s cricket report. On many days when the typewriter was not in use he would direct me to the typewriter to write my report which I would gladly do. Such was the confidence he had in my writing and impartiality that my report would go direct to the press. It was the same case in other newspapers also. My players looked forward to my reports where their names would come out in the newspapers prominently which acted as a morale booster. Every one appreciated the good public relations work I was doing all without minding a lot of physical work involved. On match days I get back home very late in the night after finishing my job in the newspaper office

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