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A Common Rational FaithPublished in the VIJAYA TIMES, Bangalore on 17th April, 2006

I am no die hard religious person but I believe in leading a life without strife and ill feelings between human beings, be one is a Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian.

As someone suggested it would create a real bond between followers of different religions if they could share love and devotion to the eternal Being by praying together in temples, mosques and churches.

The fact that there is an omnipotent force guiding our lives in this world whom we call God who has no form or figure but has the power to control every act of life in this world has been accepted by all -Hindus, Muslims or Christians.

Messengers of this life-giving entity have spread far and wide conveying what purports to be His words by following which human beings can lead their lives.

Several avathars in the Hindu pantheon, Prophet Mohammad, Jesus Christ and many countless noble souls preached the same message of love and peace, words of wisdom and showed the path of good deeds and thoughts enshrined in the Vedas, Puranas, Quran, Bible etc.

Unfortunately the followers of these messengers of God banded themselves into different compartments with separate identities and established in course of time different religions with their rituals and practices.

Thus were born religious denominations each of which tried to dominate the others. Men fought and died to establish their dominance. And intolerance became the cause of strife the world over.

In the process, we forgot the message of peace and love which our forefathers spoke of and practised before religious fundamentalism took over with the resultant turbulence that we see in the world today.

Many believe that in the continuous evolution man may find a new form of faith based on scientific temper which will replace religious fundamentalism and provide a rational answer to the mystery of the Creation of the universe.

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