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Moving to chennai

By now we had practically reconciled to the shift to Chennai as we repeatedly failed to get a good house at affordable rent. We asked Raji to find an accommodation nearer to her residence and within the rent and advance that we could afford. She was able to fix up a newly constructed flat very close to her residence in Perambur and executed an agreement with the owner of the flat. The rent and advance were okay and we were assured that the flat would be ready for occupation by the first of January. I informed the owner of the present house that I would be leaving by the end of December. We stayed in this house for exactly one month and could have stayed on but for a lot of inconveniences and high rent because of which we were forced to leave. On the 28th December we packed off to Chennai with all of our household articles not entirely happy to begin a new chapter in my life.

My life in Chennai was not too comfortable. Living in a flat was a new experience for me after having lived in independent houses for so long. After living in a multitude of towns and quarters during my lifetime, some big and spacious and some small and congested, this new experience should not pose a big problem. Life is a continuous process of changes and perceptions. It was a calm and unclustered life from the time of my retirement and settling down in HRBR Layout for a period of nearly 15 years. Life changed a little bit with the passing away of my father and later on the wedding of Raji while we were in the Layout in as much as we experienced the loss/absence of a dear one from our midst for the first time in many years. Father was with us on and off and could not become an integral part of ‘the family’ as he flitted through different locations in the last few years of his life as per his whim and his death in 1998 had very little impact. But Raji’s wedding in 2002 and her leaving us from our midst left a void and a sense of loss. After nearly 23 years of growing up with us she left for a new life and a new family. When Supriya married and left for her husband’s home in 2005 the scenario was getting gloomier. And with only Ambika with me now I struggle to make up for the loss of a zest for life and look at life with less assurance as age creeps up.

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