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Family tree
About Calicut - My Birthplace Chapter 1
My Ancestry Chapter 2
Childhood in ootacamund Chapter 3
My early years in Calicut Chapter 4
My childhood – growing up years (part 1) Chapter 5
My childhood – growing up years (part 2) Chapter 6
My love for english and scent of politics Chapter 7
Mother's death and after Chapter 8
Our big family Chapter 9
Birth of crown theatre and change in fortunes Chapter 10
Early years in bangalore Chapter 11
History of bangalore - then Chapter 12
The turbulent years Chapter 13
Beginnings of my writing career Chapter 14
Looking for job Chapter 15
A permanent job at last Chapter 16
My progress in journalism Chapter 17
Coming of age Chapter 18
Life at tirunelveli – a new chapter Chapter 19
Return to bangalore Chapter 20
My brief public life Chapter 21
My wedding Chapter 22
Activities in the bank Chapter 23
How i started the cricket team Chapter 24
A set back to my health and the miraculous cure Chapter 25
My meeting with sri satya sai baba Chapter 26
My brush with miracles Chapter 27
My first promotion Chapter 28
My continued association with the cricket team Chapter 29
Other sports & allied activities Chapter 30
Home life – calm before storm Chapter 31
Moving up the ladder Chapter 32
My days in bijapur Chapter 33
Waking up a sleepy town Chapter 34
Time to say good bye Chapter 35
A new life Chapter 36
More heart breaks Chapter 37
Death of my beloved raji Chapter 38
My second marriage and after Chapter 39
Back to bangalore Chapter 40
A short innings in regional office Chapter 41
Change of guard in our calicut home Chapter 42
My sojourn in the coastal district Chapter 43
Raising a family once again Chapter 44
Once again to bangalore Chapter 45
A new experience in work Chapter 46
The final phase Chapter 47
My early days in HRBR layout Chapter 48
Back to where i started Chapter 49
End of my working life and a look back Chapter 50
Post retirement life Chapter 51
A foray in new work Chapter 52
Finding their roots in life Chapter 53
Life moves on Chapter 54
Last days of my father Chapter 55
Growing up family Chapter 56
Some serious health problems Chapter 57
Scooter and me Chapter 58
A slight set back in my health Chapter 59
Moving house Chapter 60
Rediscovering my writing itch Chapter 61
One more operation Chapter 62
Moving to chennai Chapter 63
Life at chennai - our first visit abroad Chapter 64
My final return to bangalore Chapter 65
Conclusion Chapter 66

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