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TelepathyPublished in DEEPA the State Bank House Magazine - December 1997

Call it telepathy, clairvoyance or just coincidence but I believe it is simply a case of pedigree and it still amazes me to know how one's off springs brought up in different times could think or act alike. Let me relate what happened to me recently to make me think of the existence of extra sensory perception in human beings.

It is a long time since I stopped having a big bash on my birthday. However my children do think of something to celebrate the event. My son who is 30 and lives in Bombay is content in sending me a nice birthday card every year and has rarely joined the family for the occasion busy as he is with his work. However the cards he sends me are always a source of great pleasure to me as he has a way of saying (through his cards, of course) the right things. My young daughter who is just 17 and takes pride in putting together a small birthday party despite my protests, also hands over to me a birthday card after meticulously selecting the apt card for the occasion which again makes me happy.

It so happened that this year my daughter selected a card all by herself with words that appealed to me very much and looked as though coming straight from her young heart. I congratulated her on her intelligent selection. A week later my son in Bombay thoughtfully sent me card probably after going through hundreds of cards for the most appropriate one. When I opened the envelope -lo and behold it is exactly the same as the one my daughter handed over to me a few days earlier, the illustration and words and all to the last detail.

It would be of interest if the words are reproduced here to show that it is not exactly a coincidence but some strange strains of feelings that run in the minds of two young people of the same geneology.

holding small hands
with your gentle protection
fixing a hurt
with such loving affection
for keeping your family
safe and secure
but still knowing
how to let go.......
For all the attention
and care you've provided
the tears that you've dried
and decisions you have guided.....
For putting your family
first in your heart
you've loved more
than you'll ever know

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