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My brush with miracles

Baba has been accused of performing miracles for selfish ends by unscrupulous people but I for one can defend his miraculous powers with all the force at my command. A few months later I got an opportunity to realize his unseen hand doing a miracle. There appeared a series of letters in the Letters to the Editor column of the Deccan Herald about the miraculous powers of Baba some for and some against. My hands were itching to write a letter telling the readers of my own experience. I had framed the contents in my mind and planned to write the next day when lo and behold there was a letter in the Letters to the Editor column in the paper next day expressing the exact words I would have written but which I postponed for a day signed “A.R.S.” As I wanted to find out the identity of the mysterious writer “ARS” I visited the editorial department of the paper and met the man who was in charge of selecting and publishing the letters daily. The gentleman was a good friend of mine and he immediately looked for the original manuscripts of all the letters that were published on that day. Surprisingly this particular manuscript was not in the file and could not be traced at all! If this was not a miracle what else is? In later years I had occasion to have darshan of the Baba but could never approach him for expressing my thanksgiving. For the past nearly forty and odd years I have not been bothered by that sickness again.

Many years later, there was yet another miracle I was part of. Rajesh, my younger brother Chandru’s only son was a live wire youngster and had completed a degree in engineering. He had a high profile job in a foreign managed company and he was doing well making his father and mother Parvathi swell with pride. There was even talk of a marriage. Then tragedy struck the family real hard. Rajesh took seriously ill and was under treatment for a prolonged period. There was no improvement in his condition despite the best medical care. My brother took voluntary retirement (he was also in the State Bank of India) in order to concentrate wholly on the treatment of his son. It appeared only a miracle would save him as it was also life threatening. At that time my mother’s annual death ceremony was to be performed and I decided this time we would do it on a grand scale. I asked all my brothers to join me and we performed the ceremony in a most befitting manner. After the ritual, I asked the entire family, my brothers, their wives and children, my wife and children to assemble and pray for Rajesh. I invoked our mother’s blessings too. Miraculously, a lot of improvements in his health were noticed from then onwards and very soon he regained his full health in a matter of a few months. Not only that he regained his vibrant health but married his childhood sweet heart Shilpa soon thereafter.

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