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Post retirement life

Upon retirement I became an active member and office bearer of the Pensioner’ Association of the bank employees. One gentleman, Mr.Nagaswamy by name, was tirelessly working to build up the Association from scratch and I was only too happy to assist him. In the beginning there were not too many members but we worked incessantly to enroll more and more retired staff as members. There was not much scope for too many activities but there was promise that in the coming years there would be opportunities to expand and extend the activities. I was elected as Assistant Secretary for a term but after the death of Mr.Nagaswamy I thought I could legitimately assume charge as Secretary considering the few years’ experience I have had as understudy to Mr.Nagaswamy and also my earlier active life in the field of trade unionism and other fields. But I gave up the chance in favour of a friend of mine who was very anxious to become the Secretary. He promised that after a term he would gladly hand over charge to me but he failed to keep the promise. Subsequently a couple of years later I opted to become the President as it would be a less demanding a job in view of my failing health but was thwarted out of the reckoning by a younger man. That would remain a great disappointment in my life. I gave up trying and lost interest completely in the affairs of the Association.

I used to spend time mostly at home but in the evenings I would go to the Bank to play table tennis at the Bangalore Branch with the staff. When I was the Chief Cashier at the branch, the daily routine was that as soon the cash was closed and turned into the vault I would be free and would make a bee line to the spacious Club Hall in the first floor along with a group of other staff to play. The Club would be buzzing with activity, some playing T.T. and yet others playing caroms and cards. Such activity was unheard of till I came to the Branch on transfer. The sessions would go up to late hours and everyone used to have a jolly time. Everyday more and more staff would join us and some times many from other branches too. I had a wonderful time in the company of my young colleagues. This continued even after I left the Branch on transfer to the Regional Office. I maintained the friendship with the staff and continued to join them for games just I was doing prior to retirement. After my retirement time was hanging heavily on my shoulders and there was no better way to spend my evenings other than playing table tennis which kept me active and healthy. Many opt for tennis after retirement but since I did not take up that game I preferred table tennis. Occasionally I used to go to English movies too but was not as keen as I used to be earlier. A little bit of writing to the newspapers also kept me occupied. Besides all these my children were fast growing up and needed my help and assistance, time and attention.

Father stayed with me but did not seem to be happy although I tried to make him feel happy. He alternatively stayed with Chandru (my last brother) and Nimmi and Sharada. He also spent a long sojourn with my sister Lakshmi (Secunderabad and Calicut) and with my brother Rajan and Sriram in Bombay before finally coming back to Bangalore. In his final years he settled down with my brother Kitchu.

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