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Other sports & allied activities

During this period my love for all other games also continued. I was a close follower of table tennis which I played well, football and hockey. I never missed any match being played in the city and in the process I picked up a lot of friends among the officials and players. I was invited to serve in a number of committees. Besides I was invited by the Bank’s Circle Welfare Committee at the Head Office in Madras to help conduct Inter Circle tournaments in various disciplines when allotted to the Bangalore centre. Needless to say that I became a well known and well respected figure in the sports circles in Bangalore. My regular articles in the newspapers on matters of sports also made me well known among a wider circle of readers.

I was in the Rajajinagar branch for about two years. At this time a chance came my way for a transfer to the newly upgraded H.A.L.branch which was nearer to my residence and in 1968 I was transferred to that branch on request as its first head clerk, a position I held for four years till 1972. By now I had put in over 17 years service in the Bank and there were many opportunities my promotion to the supervisory grade. Many of my colleagues were taking promotional tests as soon as they were eligible. I was resisting any such temptation as I was very happy as I was. My family life was sailing smoothly and I saw no reason to disturb the happiness of the family. After four years of working in the H.A.L.branch, I was perusuaded by the then Branch Manager to opt for promotion before it was too late. I finally decided to give it a try as I was a bit stuck up in my career. I found that after leaving Bangalore branch all my activities were slowing down for lack of interest and thought that it would be better to have a change of scenario.

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