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A slight set back in my health

In 2004 while on one of my regular visits to Dr.Rao, an eminent cardiologist, it was suggested that I may have to go for a pace maker insertion to regulate my heart and pulse beats which were apparently low. This defect had been noticed in my earlier years too but it was not considered abnormal as in the opinion every athelete who indulges in hectic sports activities would have the similar problem. In my case since I happened to play vigorous table tennis for hours together and it may the reason why I have this problem. Now I was 73 and any delay would be risky for the heart, he had opined. The corrective action was to be done with the assistance of a Pace maker, a tiny instrument made in the U.S.A. with microscopic parts which when connected to the heart through its tiny valves would restore the heart beats to the required level. It was agreed that I would undergo the surgery to insert the tiny instrument close to the heart. In May that year I had the surgery done the cost of which came to around two lakh rupees. The surgery was done by Dr.Rao himself at the Bangalore Hospital and involved an incision on the upper left part of my chest to place the sophisticated instrument just above the heart region and connecting it to the heart valves. The operation went on for about 45 minutes to an hour during which I felt no pain whatsoever. After a day in the ICU and a day in the Ward I was discharged. The cost of the whole operation was met by the Bank. The Pace maker working on batteries will last for ten to fifteen years uninterrupted. It would remain in my body for my entire life time. Periodical check up by authorized representatives of the manufacturers of the instrument would keep the contraption in ship shape condition. It would give me no discomfort at all.

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