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My first promotion

I continued to be very active in the Bank with the Club activities and in particular with the Cricket team taking up most of my spare hours. After three successive years as the Manager of the Team I relinquished my charge of the cricket team on being transferred in 1966 to our Rajajinagar Branch on promotion as head clerk much against my will. This transfer effectively put an end to all my activities as Secretary of the Club. The Branch I was transferred to was quite far off from my residence and commuting to the office took away most of my time. Now I was able to concentrate on my domestic life more.

My two daughters Sharada (born: 1958) and Nirmala (born: 1959) were growing up and had to be taken care of. In 1967 was born a son and I had my hands full. I digress a little here. Raji and I visited New Delhi on a pleasure trip in October 1966. We left the children in the care of my sister Lakshmi aka. Ammudu at Secunderabad on our way. The visit to Delhi was ostensibly to attend the wedding of my youngest sister’s brother in law there but we took the opportunity to visit all the interesting and historical places in and around the historical city. We visited the Taj too and while visiting a mausoleum or dargah of a Muslim saint there one of the other visitors told us that if we tie a piece of thread on the mantles of the tomb we would get a son soon afterwards. Although Raji was reluctant to do that as she did not want another child I did tie a piece of thread and forgot all about its powers. It was a miracle that Raji conceived again and gave birth to a boy in the winter of 1967 as foretold by the Muslim saint in Agra. These were some of the happiest years of my life. Father had retired in 1963 and he had joined another bank to keep himself engaged. In 1964 my youngest sister, Vimala, was married at the famous pilgrim centre of Palani in Tamil Nadu. I gave away the bride as my father gave me the honour. She left for Delhi to start a new life. She was the youngest and last child of my mother. As she was just four when my mother passed away she continued to stay in the care of my grandmother and uncles in Calicut along with my brother Krishnamurthy (Kitchu) while the rest of us moved over to Bangalore. For the next several years she became a Delhite and became the mother of an only child, Vasanthi, and grand mother of three. Besides being a good housewife Vimala was also heading a school in her locality and became its popular head mistress. Her daughter had settled down in Sharjah after she was married. My sister travelled frequently to Sharjah to help her daughter in looking after her child who was under special medical care for speech therapy. She later bought a flat in Chennai and wanted to settle down there after the retirement of her husband who was in the Central government service. She was still commuting to Sharjah at periodical intervals visiting her daughter. But her heart was in buying some property in Bangalore and settle down here. Accordingly in 2006 she bought a flat in Bangalore and moved over from Chennai to be close to her brothers.

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