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Rekha. Iyer 11/17/2023 12:18:52 PM 

Hello Mr. iyer,

I am Manjeri RamaIyer’s great grandaughter anf Manjeri Kamalam’s granddaughter.

I live in Montreal Canada. Please feel free to write to me. Thanks


Rekha. Iyer 11/17/2023 12:18:24 PM 

Hello Mr. iyer,

I am Manjeri RamaIyer’s great grandaughter anf Manjeri Kamalam’s granddaughter.

I live in Montreal Canada. Please feel free to write to me. Thanks


Rekha. Iyer 11/17/2023 12:18:23 PM 

Hello Mr. iyer,

I am Manjeri RamaIyer’s great grandaughter anf Manjeri Kamalam’s granddaughter.

I live in Montreal Canada. Please feel free to write to me. Thanks


Bhavani Natarajan 7/3/2022 12:30:42 AM 

I am trying to get connected to my father calicut. After acciin-laws family.only thing I remember my brother in law telling something about crown theatre.I accidentally came across your article on crown theatre and your family.
My FIL name is Viswanathaiyer
.He owned a fertilizer company and which is still successfully run by his grand son in Coimbatore.
His wife's name Rukmini.
Kindly let me know if she belonged to your family.
With regards


Bhavani Natarajan 7/3/2022 12:30:39 AM 

I am trying to get connected to my father calicut. After acciin-laws family.only thing I remember my brother in law telling something about crown theatre.I accidentally came across your article on crown theatre and your family.
My FIL name is Viswanathaiyer
.He owned a fertilizer company and which is still successfully run by his grand son in Coimbatore.
His wife's name Rukmini.
Kindly let me know if she belonged to your family.
With regards


Gautham Adiyodi 3/27/2022 4:05:10 PM 

Hello sir,

It was a treat to stumble upon your blog and read some of the entries.

I was researching about Crown Theatre in Calicut and found that you wrote this

Can I talk to you over a call to understand more about the theatre's history.

How can I reach you?

Sethu Subramanian 10/16/2019 1:35:31 AM 

I read through your entire autobiography with great interest and wonder if anyone here could help me to establish some link with my paternal grandfather (R.Subramania Aiyyar, B.A. LT - Headmaster at various Board High Schools in Malabar area during the period 1920-1950) He was the youngest of or any extended family members - the only information about him is that he was the youngest of his siblings and that they lost their father very early. He was the only one to become a graduate among them and hence he had renounced his rights to their Taravad, which was located in Azchavattam. One of his elder brothers was R. Sundaram, who moved later to Ernakulam and the Taravad was sold by the elder brothers in the late 1950s. Since there has not been much of contact among them since his renouncing the property, and whatever I have heard is from his stories, I am unable to provide more details. But I would love to visit the place and offer homage to my ancestors at some point of time in my life..any clues or links are most welcome..Regards

palvi mehmi 3/8/2012 11:29:43 AM 

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palvi mehmi 3/8/2012 11:29:40 AM 

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palvi mehmi 3/8/2012 11:29:38 AM 

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Shravani Rao 2/4/2012 12:42:17 PM 

Dear Sir,I am a student of architecture from Bangalore .Your writings have been very informative for me in terms of the history of the city. Im interested in knowing more about the history of Binny Mills,and any thing you might know about its architecture before it was destroyed.
Please e-mail me at

Kannan Iyer 11/14/2011 8:48:47 AM 

Dear Mr. Iyer,

Excellent article and interesting to read. I am remembering my childhood days of mine with komanam during avani avittam day. Very interesting days. I am now a regular komanam wearer and happy and feel very comfortable. While going to bed, Iwear only komanam .

What about you ? are you a regular komanam wearer and how long you are wearing komanam ? In case yu like to share your views, you reach me on mail id given above.

Krshnamurthi Kalidas 9/28/2011 11:29:05 PM 

Dear Mani Chithappa,
Enjoyed reading your US tour diary.I wish you make many more trips to explore various countries and share your experiences.

Shalini Narayanan 9/1/2010 10:20:53 PM 

Your website is most impressive and intriguing. It is simply out of this world that you have managed to document so much history.
I have been trying to trace my grandfather's roots for 30 years now but in vain. Am wondering if you can offer an suggestions.
My grandfather (Raru Kunjan) was from Ottapalam, Palakkad. I think he was born in 1918 and he came to Malaysia when he was about 18 yrs old. I also think his mother's name is Ottamma (not sure of spelling). He married my grandmother here in Malaysia and he never returned to India. He died in 1976 without much information about his family in India.
I have tried googling his name etc but have not come up with anything.
I stumbled upon your site because in one of your posts you mentioned a non-Brahmin priest named Raru. I know that cannot be my grandfather but I am even not sure if "Raru" is his family name or his first name.
Would appreciate if you could offer some advice. Thanks ever so much.


Beena Roshan 1/26/2010 9:10:59 PM 

Hello Uncle,

Hope you remember me :) I was thrilled to read your autobiography and your other articles.

I've always admired you as a father figure and imaged my dad to be like you if he were alive. I still remember those days when you had taken us on a tour to lalbagh and cubbonpark. I cherish those days and are v dear to me.

Major Shankar Iyer 7/30/2009 4:16:17 AM 

Respected Sir;

I am an Indian Army officer and also an amateur autograph collector. I was really thrilled to read about your hobby of collecting autographs.

I would like to get in touch with you .

Major Shankar, SC


Your article on the grandfather's clock brought back nostalgic memories of house at Calicut. pl keep posting articles like this

Manoj Padhi 3/12/2009 8:52:12 PM 

I did visit your website a few days ago and found that you too are a great writer and a great patriot/nationalist.I will keep visiting your website.
It has become imperative to arouse the secular Hindus and confront evil propagandists. Together we can do it. I will not let any propagandist's mail remain unanswered. This is my new year resolution

Krishnamurthi Kalidas 3/8/2009 4:16:11 AM 

Dear Mani Chithappa,
The new look of your website is bright & good,but personally I prefer the old one.

I enjoyed reading the articles on secularism & liberalism and telepathy.

When I hear the current happenings across the border,I fear if history is going to repeat.Taliban is the new age Mughals!!!-Only difference is that guns have replaced swords.

Manisha Jadhav 3/3/2009 4:29:33 AM 

The makeover makes the website look more attractive and vibrant with its bright colors...I like it a lot! :)


Sudharma Vaithiyanathan 2/10/2009 6:25:23 AM 

Thatha this website is really very exciting!!!!!!

If you dont remember me i am Anitha's daughter from chennai - "The Dancer"

anusha parmeshwar 1/26/2009 8:35:36 PM 

tatha ur ooru is perunkulam rite?sorry i was a little busy i could not reply to your new year greetings..
ps:-happy new year..

Krish Kalidas 10/10/2007 2:11:33 PM 

I enjoyed reading your tour diary of UK.It was like a first hand experience to me.

Balakrishnan (Balu) Iyer 9/24/2007 7:51:31 AM 

The family tree rocks...Its splendidly fantastic.

Krish Kalidas 9/19/2007 1:02:34 PM 

Your picture in the preface reminds me of my father in his younger days and it is reproduced so wonderfully in the most nostalgic tone. I have great respect for Sai Baba of Puttaparthi for the massive social projects he undertook especially the drinking water project for Anatapur and various other educational and healthcare projects. The hospital he established offers free treatment including major heart surgeries to the poor and deserving which by itself is God’s work. Dr.Venugopal of AIIMS and many other eminent doctors used perform surgeries in the hospital as a service. According to me he need not show any miracles to prove his greatness.Who actually physically rescued you from drowning in the river? I think your trip to Delhi was in 1966.It is inadvertently mentioned as 1956. Looking forward.....

Kishore kumar Ramakrishnan 9/19/2007 7:24:07 AM 

Dear Manianna(Daddy), Date: 19-09-2007 Glad you opened a Website. Hop I don't interfere in your writings. I have read your autobio very interestingly . One point to say - Kannaati-my grandfather(RajipMama to you all) was the first our family and Kunjan Chithappa was the second one.Another regarding the liking of Rajip Mama for marriage with his wife Saraswathi against Ammai's wishes needs clarifying.It seems Ammai liked her daughter in law and approved before the marriage,therefore there was no discord between Mother and Son. This may be corrected suitably in your A.B. Please write an article on your craze for English movies during your growing up years and some film anecdotes for the view of English film fan relatives and also about Theatre and our house at CCT, if you still remember.

Krishnamurthi kalidas 9/11/2007 1:31:19 PM 

Apologies for my delayed response. I read all the newly uploaded chapters on the same day I received your communication. The story continues as interestingly as ever. How could you read while riding the bicycle? I could get a hint of romance while you mentioned your riding companion to the work place. Was it true? If you have, please upload the letter to the Movie Times which got you the best letter prize of Rs 25/-, a princely sum for those days indeed. Thoroughly enjoyed your sojourn in Tirunelveli and the dip in Tampraparni river. I could visualize the Murugan temple and all those morning rituals. Most bachelors of the previous generation had a similar lifestyle at least for some time. How come you were riding a bicycle for work while in ITI and found it not affordable after joining the bank? Did you mean a scooter? Please upload ‘Life’s little tears and titters’. Sounds interesting. Incidently, today I read that G.R.Viswanath was ousted from the KSCA presidentship by Wodeyar with the support of Vijay Mallya.It is a matter of great pride for you to have introduced such legends as Viswanath and Kirmani to the limelight. Did B.S.Chandrasekhar and EAS Prasanna also belong to the SBI team? Looking forward to more chapters, articles, pictures.....

swathi raghuraman 9/4/2007 6:59:22 AM 

dear thatha, its very nice n interesting to read your autobio..of all the things, i'm mostly glad for the value of books n reading which u instilled in amma,which in turn she instilled in us..unfortunately i cant say the same for sports:-(but i can connect very well with the love for reading and writing..thanks for that..books make such a lovely companion..and it was so interesting to read how u used to watch movies(sneakingly or not)as shru n i r major movie-buffs too:-)all in all it was wonderful reading all the chapters..waiting for more.. p.s-i completely agree with balu..please do put in some photos..its always fun to scan thro' old photos..

Supriya Sundar 9/3/2007 6:04:05 PM 

Daddy, I cannot express in writing, what I feel right now, as wonderfully well as you do. But I am surely filled with emotions as I read the instances in your life, that you have always spoken to us about. All that you told us are in our minds and now as I read this, it feels like I am travelling to those days to see my Dad as a young boy... Its been a great experience and I cannot wait to read the remaining parts... I am always proud to be your daughter.. Love you lots

Balakrishnan Iyer (Balu).. 9/3/2007 2:19:16 PM 

Daddy, u can add some of your rare photographs..ur vintage collection of newspaper cuttings...the family tree that u had prepared.. an album section with your photos that u would like to share...probably this would further pep up your website and would be equally informative to people like me...

Balakrishnan Iyer 8/31/2007 6:05:21 AM 

Wow... Thatha, Now i realise why even i flunked in chemistry in my Engg. Great writing thatha.. how i wish i had also inherited your flair for writing.. Love You

Sushmitha B 8/30/2007 12:30:06 PM 

I did take a look at the web-link you sent me. Kudos to Ambika for the intro- she sure's turning into a journalist! I'm yet to read the rest of the autobiog, but will most certainly revel in the pleasure of having something interesting to read for the weekend.

Krishnamurthi Kalidas 8/29/2007 3:12:03 PM 

I Went through the chapters that have been added.There are couple of points I wanted to make.Probably you would have made a good journalist-I think Mr.Pothen Joseph was trying to test your passion for the profession.For any good journalist including Mr.Pothen, I am sure the monetary consideration would have been secondary.It is the passion that drives anyone to choose a particular profession.I think you needed someone to really guide you to take crucial decisions.You would have done very well,had you pursued a graduation in English literature or Journalism instead of Science.That would have also probably changed your life entirely. I could really empathise with your views regarding the fire in cubbon park as I myself am an extremist when it comes to issues for preserving the nature.And all those streets with military names-I think the one left out was the Brigade Road which is my favourite in Bangalore. If you read the autobiography as a whole you will find some repetitions-the reason why I was suggesting an editor.I think if you sit on it,you can only edit it well.

Nimmi Raghu 8/26/2007 11:54:34 PM 

i have been looking up your website it makes good reading tell ambika her introduction was very good

Krishnamurthi Kalidas 8/25/2007 11:49:26 AM 

Reading your autobiography is like having a sumptuous feast.I am really enjoying the trip down your memory lanes.There are couple of things I want to note here.I have been told by many that Rasappa Mama was a B.A and the first to graduate in the family.You have written that Kunjan was the first one to go to college. Memories of Rasappa Mama-When we used to play cricket in the compound he used to water the plants from a big container made of a green colored glass or plastic.When I asked him what he is pouring to the plant he told me 'acid'.I did not know the difference and thought may be it is some kind of a fertilizer. I once saw him in one of the lanes (Edavazhi) walking down in a disheveled state wearing a khaki pant and shirt.I distinctly remember a red sickle and hammer was printed or stiched on his shirt pocket.He was probably drunk and muttering to himself and did not recognise me. The other incident is about Ramurthy mama(I liked the way you spell his name). While I was in Malabar Christian College, one afternoon I went to Crown theatre and my Dad also was with me.Radha Mama and Ramurthi mama were also there.Radha Mama gave me curt look and enquired about my studies.He also told me not to go for movies frequently.Ramurthi Mama who I think had a liking for me did not like his comment.He suddenly told Radha mama.Radhe-Is yours the only theatre in Calicut.He may see a movie in any other theatre.I enjoyed every bit of it.To tell the truth Radha Mama meant my welfare only as he was seeing me more frequently in the theatre those days and wanted to give me his piece of mind.When he saw me along with my Dad he decided that was the right time to warn both of us. Waiting to read more about your calicut days.

Shilpa Rajesh 8/25/2007 11:07:14 AM 

I have read through the initial chapters of your auto – it is quite interesting and throws some light on life in those days.


Dear Krish Kalidas(RAJAN ANNA) Very nice to read your comments on this website of MANIANNA.THANKAMAKKA(Blore) would love to read this interesting anecdote of yours and reminicence. LOVE TO ALL AT SEC'BAD AND MANJERI. YOURS AFFLY, KISHORE ,BANASWADI,BLORE-43-PHONE 080-25424201

Sunitha Ambarnath 8/23/2007 11:56:21 AM 

i just started reading your autobiography and it was so interesting especially your school days and days in JV . I am really happy one member in our family is writing an autobiography. i will proudly show it all my friends after its complete.

Krish Kalidas 8/22/2007 10:21:10 PM 

That is one of my major regrets.My father used to narrate his escapades from Lahore or Pathankot to Calicut after he deserted the Air Force.I could not record it in his own voice.He used to narrate it so wonderfully that it used to give us the feeling of watching one of those escape movies in English.Do you know that he had changed his name to Gopalakrishnan for some time to cover his identity.We used to have one of those army daggers at our home which was subsequently lost. My father had fond memories of Bangalore.He used to mention about his being admitted to one of the Bangalore Hospitals with Typhoid and he almost fell in love with a sweet looking nurse.It seems she was very keen to marry him. After my father passed away, my mother had given some of his rare pictures, which I was supposed to enlarge and preserve.I kept them in my brief case and had traveled to Bangalore on official work.From there I was to return to Secunderabad.At Banglore majestic I was in a STD booth and just kept the brief case beside me and someone relieved me of it.I did not mind losing everything except my dad's pictures.But that was never to be.Probably his fondness for Bangalore kept his pictures there somewhere forever. I remember having read that your father belonged to Alampallam and you used to visit there.In fact my father in law belongs to the same place.His name is Alampallam Doraisamy Krishnan. I also have memories of Ramurthimama's special talent for marketing.I still cannot forget the posters all over Calicut for "Udal Poya Rakshasan"-his unique translation for one of those horror flicks.Which film buff can stay away from the theatre after seeing such titles?

Anisha Parameswaran 8/20/2007 6:49:04 AM 

Thanks for putting this together. It is very interesting reading and touching at times. The chapters covering the family and sharada patti's death brought tears to my eyes. Growing up, whenever I used to ask appa about patti, he would tell me that he was only 8 when she passed away and that he did not remember much about her. Thanks again for passing this down to the next we now know a little more about our ancestry.

Rajalakshmi Abinash 8/16/2007 2:09:57 PM 

what better way to spend time than reading your autobiography. my!what an essay it was,the introduction given by ambu itself was mind boggling. the description was so good that for those 3 hours i travelled back in time and was accompanying your antics and episodes.i actually saw everything with my inner eyes.

Bala Vaidyanathan 8/12/2007 1:08:42 PM 

Ambika: I notice your drive in creating this web page for your "Daddy" from London. Well done, Ambika. FYI I am an ardent admirer of Mani. It will be a pleasure to be in touch with you

Venkitachalam A.R 8/12/2007 10:49:58 AM 

ARS, as our family (dorasamy mama family-koduvayur mama family)is concerned, he is mani or mani athan. Our family elder members call him as mani and younger members in our family call him mani athan ie Rama athan"s eldest son.His father A.R.Rama Iyer was the elder member of our family as well as my father's cousin, I usually call mani athan's father as Rama athan. I remember i met Mr.Ars first at Calicut when I was studying 8th std on a vacation from Koduvayur and I understood he is very interesred in Cricket. Next I met him at Alampallam village during Car Festval.He is very mush interested in me and he would enquire about my family especially my father & mother and my chithappas, He liked children and he will mingle with them as they like him.He knows very well how to handle the children with love.As i am concerned he got a good personality to mingle with him. I thank Miss Ambika to do this work to write about her father and mailed to me

Krishnamoorthy A.S 8/12/2007 8:09:38 AM 

introduction itself is spell bounding....

Krishnamurthi Kalidas 8/11/2007 11:33:04 PM 

A great beginning.Let me put first things first.The person who has designed the site has done a very good job. The sepia tone itself gives it a nostalgic aura. Your image in the home page has come out wonderful-a very professional work that reminds me of the drawings by AS and namboodiri in the Mathrubhumi weekly.Same with your signature and tagline. Ambika's preface is indeed from the bottom of her heart. The autobiography will defenitely require to be edited and I wish you get a good editor. Please write it in Malayalam too. More feedback as the journey progresses.

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