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My final return to bangalore

It was decided that we wind up the establishment in Chennai by end of July so that we will have sufficient time to settle down in our new home and make all arrangements for the wedding due to take place in the first week of September. Raji was very sporting about the whole idea as it was her original intention to settle us in Chennai to be with her. With us leaving in less than two years was difficult for her to let us move out. With two tiny children to take care and soon to resume her work it would have been helpful if we had stayed longer at Chennai.But that is not to be. With the impending wedding plans we had to settle down in our new apartment early. Also Supriya and Sundar are scheduled to arrive from August end for the wedding. We left Chennai on 31st July with bag and baggage and arrived at Bangalore on the 1st August to start the next phase of my life. The marriage preparations were finalized and ready. The day finally arrived and went through without any hitch. Two days later Supriya and Raji left to U.K. and Chennai respectively. Sriram with his wife and the kids who had spent a longer holiday in Bangalore also left a day later. Ambika and her newly married husband Sabeshan left Bangalore after spending a few days with us on way to their honeymoon and eventual journey to USA. It was heart wrenching to see my children leaving us one by one to their own lives. The thought of being left alone with none of them to live with me was very saddening. Ambika was a constant companion in all my activities especially after Raji and Supriya left in a matter of six years. Her absence will be difficult to reconcile. Sharada’s son Balu (my first grandson) also got married in August in a place called Myladuthurai in Tamil Nadu which the entire family attended. He lives in Delhi. Ambika left for the States on the 28th Sept after spending her honeymoon in Sikkim and we went to Chennai to see her off.

As for myself I am settling down to my new life by myself with only Jaya as my companion. I have now time to catch up on my reading which has been neglected all these years and probably dabble in some writing too. I have left writing of any sort for over two years and I wonder if I will be able to rekindle the urge any more.

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