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Coming of age

Life was moving along nicely during this period. I had my job, a reasonable salary, money to spend on my clothes and my other pursuits and a congenial home. Father was now very much with us now. All of my brothers and a sister were now together. My sister got married in 1953 and my two younger brothers were studying in the St.Joseph’s and the two of us, the elder brothers were both working. Then the bombshell came. There was a flare up late one evening at home with my father on an issue for which I was least responsible. I left home in a huff after an exchange of arguments with my father who was well supported by my uncle, his brother. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I had been a burden on my guardians for far too long (from 1946-47 to 1952-53) without making any tangible progress in my career. So I left home not expecting this sudden development in the home front on an impulse. I was not too sure where to park myself for the night and thereafter. Fortunately I knew about a decent lodging hotel not too far from home and took up a single room on a permanent basis. The next day I collected my things from home and became a permanent resident in the hotel despite the entreaties of my aunt not to leave home. The fact that I had a job helped me after the tiff at home. This incident opened up another phase of my life. I became independent. It didn’t affect me psychologically too much as living with a family I could not jell with too well did help me chart a new course. However I kept my contact with my only relatives in town, my uncle and his family, reasonably cordial. With the salary I was getting from I.T.I. (well below the magical figure of Rs.100/-!) I managed to keep myself afloat, many times going without a full meal and sacrificing many a luxury. I also ran up a few debts here and there but was too proud to ask any one, least of all my father, for financial help. I was also trying for other employment and father too was trying through his contacts in the Bank for an opening in the Bank. After nearly two years in the I.T.I. my day of deliverance came when I got the call from the then Imperial Bank. I had earlier done an interview with the local Manager arranged by father. But the posting in Bangalore posed some problem as there were no vacancies in the local branch. Eventually I had to accept posting anywhere (as beggars can not be choosers) as I was also in danger of crossing the eligibility age which was 25. I was duly appointed in the Bank but with a rider. I was to report at a branch in Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu) and not at Bangalore as I fondly hoped for. Though disappointed a trifle I decided to leave Bangalore and go to the new place. I really deserved this break. I reported at my new place of work on the 28th June, 1955.

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