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Some serious health problems

After Raji’s marriage in 2002 my health started wilting. I was not the same person ebullient and cheerful. I was getting weaker and less active. There were no major health problems as such except when I was advised to have the pace maker to correct my heart and pulse beats which were slow. I remember the two or three instances when my nervous system seemed to be getting weak. I had a routine discussion with the Bank’s Doctor one day and he had suggested that I undergo a thorough medical check up at the Bank’s authorized clinic. So I had several tests and check ups done at a Polyclinic on Lalbagh Road one day and was asked to collect the reports the next day. So the next afternoon I went to the poly clinic on my scooter but without an escort. After collecting the reports I set on my trip back home. After only half a kilometer on the road I was feeling giddy but I drove on but wanted to keep to the extreme left of the road in case I had to stop. But unfortunately for me the traffic on the road was so thick with scooters, cars, buses and other vehicles moving on the road fast I just could not weave my out of the mess. I was getting unconscious by the minute but did not loose control of the vehicle which was still cruising at a normal speed of 40 to 50 kms. I could see vehicles on either side flashing past me. I could not see the direction I was moving but went ahead by intuition. Slowly after a few minutes of the death ride I was able to negotiate my way to some familiar areas by which time my consciousness appeared to return. I had been told by friends that when you were hungry such experiences were common. I remembered that and dashed to a restaurant nearby and had my fill, more than what I normally would have. I was back to normal after a little rest. Then on another occasion I was riding my scooter on way to the Bank one afternoon but I had Ambika riding with me. As I was nearing the Bank my nerves appeared to fail me and I blacked out on the main road but still kept on riding driven by a sixth sense. I asked Ambika to direct me to the Zonal Office where I could see the Bank Doctor but she was not so sure not being fully familiar with the place but still managed to direct me to the Office. I some how managed to remember the place and parked my vehicle at the right spot. We went to the Doctor’s chamber but unfortunately he was absent. After a glass of water Ambika reached me to a nearby hotel where I had my fill. My senses were back to normal and we returned home without any problems. Finally one evening I was riding my scooter with Jaya on the pillion to see our family doctor just about a kilometer away from home. Before I could reach the doctor’s shop I had yet another black out but managed to keep riding although wanting to park the vehicle away from the traffic. I managed to park it and sat down probably unconscious. It so happened as if by a miracle that I had parked the vehicle just in front of the doctor’s clinic. I was able to get quick medical attention and was okay after a few minutes. I started to use the scooter less and less until finally I decided to stop riding and eventually selling off the vehicle for the quarter of the price I paid when I bought it. Actually this one was my fourth scooter. I first bought a scooter in 1961 when scooters had just come into the market and probably I was among the first to own one. I learnt to ride it very quickly and even went to Mysore, a distance of about 120 kms from Bangalore with some friends soon after. While on way I had a miraculous escape from a certain accident by manoeuvering the vehicle so expertly at right angle on a muddy patch to avoid a jeep coming from the opposite at great speed.

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