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My early days in HRBR layout

With retirement looming large ahead I decided to concentrate my time in raising my three daughters in the best way possible. I did not do much to help in the case of my first two daughters Sharada and Nimmi as I was fully occupied in my work in the Bank when they were growing up in the 60s and 70s and were mostly in the care of their mother. At that period I was also busily engaged in my other sports and club activities. However they were good in their studies and graduated even with only my peripheral support. Of course their mother ruled with an iron hand and brought them up well especially during my long absence in Bijapur and Ranebennur on transfer. But her death in the prime of life left them orphaned. Sriram was in school but did not lag behind in his studies and was doing consistently well despite lacking his mother’s presence. As I married again Jaya enthusiastically tried to fill the gap and the children did not suffer too much on this account. In 1982 Sharada was married and in 1985 Nimmi was also married and both had settled down in Bangalore. They had both earlier graduated from Mount Carmel College. Sriram had graduated in 1988 acquiring a B.E. Degree in Industrial Production Planning from National Engineering College in Mysore. He stood 9th in the College and was selected in campus recruitment. He left for Bombay to take up an appointment with Larsen & Toubro. This meant that at the time of my retirement only Raji (12), Supriya (8) and Ambika (7) were in my care and I was completely free from all other obligations. I poured my heart and soul into bringing them up well. The kids showed excellent promise by their performances in their classes and regularly topped their class tests and final examinations. I escorted them to the school daily and met the Head Mistress regularly to monitor their progress. That they were good at their studies was acknowledged by all their teachers. Although not showing much of interest in sports activities they loved music and could be heard singing most of the time at home especially during the evenings sitting in front of the puja room. All of them had good voice and it was my desire to put them under a regular music teacher. But since the Lay Out was just developing there was no music teacher available in the area. Raji learnt dancing in the school where there was a regular qualified dance teacher on the staff. Supriya learnt dancing from Raji and both turned out good. There used to be regular dance sessions at home and Ambika also joined them. They were their own choreographers. I had also engaged a dance teacher to come home to teach them the basics but he did not stay too long. In the Annual Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations in the lay out temple Raji and Supriya danced together with another girl and won applause. The girls were most of the time engaged in singing sessions (and sometimes recording together) at home. I bought a cycle for Raji to go to school and took Supriya and Ambika on my scooter to drop them at the school in the morning and pick them up in the evening. And in later years when Raji joined College Supriya rode on the cycle to the school. And after Supriya finished school and joined College, Ambika took the cycle to the school for a couple of months but gave up as she was afraid to ride on the roads alone. I dropped her in the school every morning and brought her back home on my scooter.

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